Privacy Policy

KLO Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (including our Shanghai head office and Beijing branch offices; “we”) will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the “APPI”) and other related laws with regard to the handling of personal information relating to our work. We set forth our privacy policy concerning the handling of personal information relating to our work as follows and will handle personal information appropriately in accordance with it.

Acquiring personal information
We will acquire personal information appropriately.

Purposes of use of personal information
We will use personal information for the following purposes. We will not use personal information beyond this scope without the consent of the person whom the information relates to, unless there is a cause permitted by the APPI or other laws.
(1)      Working on matters we are engaged for and contacting people regarding work on these matters
(2)      Information, inquiries and applications for participation concerning lectures, seminars and other events we hold
(3)      Transmitting and sending law-related information, greeting cards and the like
(4)      Responding to various inquiries
(5)      Learning about usage trends among users of our websites and social networking services (including those belonging to vendors we have subcontracted to) and measuring the effectiveness of our advertising
(6)      Performing our work as appropriate
(7)      Recruiting, selecting and contacting our employees, providing human resource and labor management and training after recruitment, and creating statistical materials concerning recruitment activities
(8)      Any purposes ancillary to the usage purposes in (1) to (7) above

Providing personal information to third parties
We will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person whom the information relates to, except under the provisions of laws.

Joint use of personal information
We may jointly use personal information obtained by any of our members.
(1)      Personal information items that may be jointly used
Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact information, and all other personal information items held by each Party
(2)      Scope of persons who may jointly use personal information
Us, Kuroda Law Offices (the “Tokyo Office”), Kuroda Patent Offices, the Shanghai representative office of Kuroda Law Offices (the “Shanghai Office”), Kuroda Law Offices (Taiwan) (the “Taiwan Office”), any related firms established primarily by the Tokyo Office or its representative attorney (The Tokyo Office, Kuroda Patent Offices, the Shanghai Office, the Taiwan Office and the related firms are referred to collectively as the “KLO Group”.), and the attorneys (including registered foreign lawyers), patent attorneys, foreign attorneys and employees (including temporary and part-time employees) belonging to or working for the KLO Group (collectively, the “Joint Users”)
(3)      Purposes of persons who jointly use personal information

(4)      Person with responsibility for managing jointly used personal information
The Tokyo Office

Safekeeping of personal information
To prevent personal information from being leaked, lost, damaged or otherwise adversely affected, we will take the necessary measures, and in having our employees handle personal information, we will supervise the employees as necessary and appropriate to ensure the safekeeping of the personal information.

Requests for notice of the purposes of use, disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, etc. of personal information
When we receive a request from the person whom personal information relates to for the disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, discontinuation of use, deletion, discontinuation of provision to third parties, or notification of the purposes of use of the personal information, we will confirm that the person making the request is the person whom the personal information relates to and respond to the request appropriately according to the provisions of the APPI.
Please note that we may not be able to comply with a request if the request does not fulfill the requirements of the APPI or there is a cause allowing us to reject the request under the APPI or other laws.

Contact point for inquiries
Please see below in the case of inquiries about this privacy policy or questions about the method of requesting disclosure, etc.



Amendments to this privacy policy
We may amend this privacy policy as necessary.

Confirming clients’ identities
We may ask to verify identification.

Confirming the client’s name, address and date of birth through their seal registration certificate, driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, pension book or residence card (alien registration certificate).

Access logs
We use cookies to collect access logs in addition to personal information so that we can learn about visitors’ usage trends and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. The access logs contain the URL that was accessed, as well as other items such as the IP address, browser type and domain name. We may acquire user behavior history from users’ clicks on URLs in emails and the like, and information on when emails were opened by using similar mechanisms in image data.
If you do not want us to acquire cookies or browsing history data on associated websites, please delete our cookies and reject them in future.
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