Practice areas

Consulting for Specified Projects
  • Consulting for establishment of locally incorporated companies, including Chinese-foreign equity joint ventures, Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and foreign capital enterprises
  • Consulting for contracts in business withdrawal and capital participation by mergers and acquisitions
  • Consulting for preparation of articles of incorporation and other documents, and for participation in their negotiation
  • Consulting for conducting various incorporation procedures on behalf of clients
  • Consulting for designing capital participation schemes in line with research
  • Consulting for investigations of equity and asset assignments
Consulting for Drafting Contracts
  • Consulting for drafting licensing contracts for technology, trademarks and patents, and other kinds of contracts
Consulting for Intellectual Property
  • Consulting for strategies against imitation products
  • Consulting for tactics to fight patent and trademark infringement
  • Consulting for services related to the Anti Unfair Competition Law
  • Consulting for patent, trademark, and other IP protection applications
Consulting for International Commercial Transactions
  • Consulting for commercial arbitration matters, etc.
  • Consulting for litigation
  • Consulting for debt recovery
Consulting for Labor Matters
  • Consulting for drafting labor contracts, employment regulations and other internal regulations, etc.
  • Consulting on prevention measures and dispute resolution in relation to labor-related disputes
Consulting for Internal Corporate Problems
  • Consulting on trouble with employees
  • Consulting on measures against sexual harassment
All Other Business Consulting
  • Consulting for countermeasures against anti-dumping litigation
  • Consulting for negotiations with government agencies
  • Consulting for intermediary services for investments, trading, finance, and securities licensing
  • Consulting for preparation and review of feasibility study reports
  • Consulting for mediation of asset evaluations and legal research
  • Consulting for mediation of CPA overseas business auditing
Consulting for Investment in Japan by Chinese Enterprises
  • Consulting for establishing Japanese companies (subsidiaries of foreign parent companies)
  • Consulting for establishing Japanese branches of foreign companies
  • Consulting for establishing representative offices
Translation of Legal Documents
  • China's laws, ordinances, bylaws, and instructions
  • Contracts, agreements, memorandums; all other legal documents